The Story

A love story.

As far as I can remember, I've always been fascinated with everything involving creativity and discovering new places and horizons.

Fascinated by beauty but mostly obsessed about turning even the simplest thing into something beautiful. It took me a while to realise that starring for about half an hour to the light creating shadows into the sand meant that my sensitivity was talking to me. Driven by different instincts and some could argue personalities too… The blend between the incurable romantic and reflexive person in me has always took me to the places I wanted to be and to become whoever I wanted to be. 

I grew up in Italy and I probably I always shared a bond with food. But this love story started about five years ago, in the “land of milk and honey”. Life brought me to Israel, a place that bonded to my soul immediately and for many different reasons. There, looking most probably for myself, something magic clicked. Food started to connect with me in a way it never did before. I recognised a clear language in this conversation: a beetroot was not just that anymore, it became color to paint a white canvas with. The abundance and varieties of food was just captivating. The more I walked in the shuks the more I felt in love with the bright aromas of the spices and fresh herbs. My love for good food just grew even more and evolved into a project.

My love for good food just grew even more and evolved into a project. I always loved to experiment and try new things and food is the most basic thing you can start with. From food you can learn about a place and its people, you can learn about history and the landscape. Through food you can actually share connection, and personally  I think it would be quite impossible to really communicate with it without love and a special kind of sensitivity. 

And so a new journey began… Evolving every step of the way as it will probably keep doing,

in the most natural way of all simply following life. 

Since this journey started, a deep exploration ad studies followed and eventually evolved into a quite distinct imaginary… what we call personal taste. And what started as simply love of food and surely passion into cooking, it became the need to create and share an experience. And when it comes to describing myself well I do have trouble in that as well. If I only wanted to become a chef I would have probably followed a different path and spent exhausting and challenging hours in the kitchen trying to navigate the best of the best. But that didn’t quite complete me. What I was missing there was this need to create ideas, to explore, to study and create moments. So I blended all of my passions and created a world for myself, which will continue to evolve as I do.