Shemesh Sheli

Shemesh Sheli שמש שלי , the Hebrew for "my sunshine", is the title of my first cookbook: a trip into my view of contemporary Israeli cuisine. A vision that passed by my sunshine and evolved into pages. A long personal journey of changes and evolution which finally turned into concrete pages and images. It tells the story of a deep connection to the Land of Israel, its products, its traditions and how all of these evolved into my kitchen through my eyes and a particular aesthetic. It's a cultural trip blended with imagination... the one place where I see no boundaries...

A land of meltingpot.

The book explores both a personal and a cultural journey. It showcases the concept of Israeli cuisine and its being extremely diverse due to the diversity between the Jewish people. Inspired by my strolls in the shuks and the incredible nature surrounding this small yet varied landscape, I let myself being inspired.

With a clear focus on the vegetable world, I explore the endless possibilities that sun, soil and rain gift us. Wild herbs, loads of green aromatic herbs and bright vegetables to create a feast both for the palate and the eyes. Spices collected all over the country and ancient ingredients such as freekeh are used and repurposed with a contemporary touch.

(on the left: freekeh flour cappelletti, preserved lemons, ezov oil and charred eggplant foam)

When heritage became the future.

Starting from the incredible food heritage that Israel has to offer, I worked on evolving its image turning a very familiar cuisine into a fine dining experience.

Playing with ingredients and colours, adding natural elements to the way the dishes are presented and giving a new life and attire to traditional dishes.

Begging with traditions, I let my imagination flowing into what it could translate with the intent of creating a full senses experience that your first eat with your eyes.

(on the left: malabi, roses and sumac syrup, tahina and silan ice cream, figs)