Private Dinners

Food is nourishment and not only a basic one. It brings people together creating a bond that probably nothing else could do so easily. To cook for others is to share an idea, a tradition, a love story. Is to let strangers into a personal world guiding them into a defined atmosphere. The Private Dinner project has been created with the intent to offer a fine dining experience in an intimate location, to live an experience with a common thread that bonds food, locations and setting. 

It is a fully curated experience which takes care even of the smallest details. A tailor made service to accomodate and create a vision.

I like to guide guests into a culinary trip driven by the seasonality of the products, nature and history. A fine dining experience with a tasting menu that involves all senses.

Nothing is left aside, the tables will be set with natural elements to enchant the guests and create an ambience reflecting the meal itself. Wild flowers, fresh vegetable and many other natural elements will accompany the experience.

The menus follow the products of the season in order to ensure the purest taste and to respect also the natural cycle. Every dietary restriction can be accomodate prior notice.

When possible the vegetables are hand picked from my vegetable gardens as well as fresh herbs, flowers and fruits. Wild herbs are foraged in the nature depending the location, season and availability.

Drink are not left to chance either. The guests will be able to choose prior the experience and will be guided. From a selection of natural and unconventional wines researched during my trips and with the help of a professional sommelier to a non alchoolic choice that includes juices and spirits made from wild herbs and fermented fruit and vegetables.

Fine dining menus will lead the guests into a culinary trip and they will be surprised with small bites and treats throughout the experience.

Exclusive locations will be selected, an intimate atmosphere will be created and most of the time clients will be blindly guided into tasting menu to let themselves be surprised. The binding between every tasting menu is striving for maximum refinement of the raw material used.

Creativity is always at the base of the experience and as a creative person there is nothing more rewarding than to use it .